Innovative and Sustainable
Environmental Solutions.

The Logic Cycle

- is the logical solution to the waste problem.

We are proud to present what we consider to be the worlds most sustainable recycling and waste management strategy, we call it
The Logic Cycle.

The concept is based on the principle that the cost of waste handling and recycling should be included in the prise of the groceries that normally lead to the production of waste.

There is no additional cost to the consumer or municipality.

Our strategy involves the use of food waste disposers for the separation of organic waste and the construction of a "recycling hall" witch will be an integrated part of every grocery store in the community. This hall will make it easy for everyone to return their source separated waste.


  • Both consumer and producer will always prefer the products that generates less waste;
  • The cost of waste handling will be fairly distributed according to each individuals personal consumption;
  • It's consumer friendly because it's convenient, hygienic and economical;
  • It’s the lowest possible cost alternative for waste handling and recycling, freeing resources to address other important environmental problems.

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